The Shenandoah Harmony (Electronic Edition)

About the Electronic Edition

electronic version of the Shenandoah Harmony next to a hard-copy edition

The eBook includes a detailed bibliography and 35 additional pages of indices:

  • Index of Composers and Arrangers (with song titles)
  • Source Index (with bibliographic information, song titles, and page numbers in the source)
  • Chronological Index of Songs
  • Index of Texts, by Author
  • Metrical Index
  • Index of Fugue Entrances
  • Index of Choruses
  • Two- and Three-Part Songs

You may install your eBook on any device belonging to you and store it in the cloud via your personal accounts.

eBook Demo

If you are not sure whether the eBook will work on your device, please download the free demo edition by clicking here.

Directions: We recommend using a PDF Reader that allows you to type in page numbers and follow hyperlinks.  The ebook has been arranged with the songs first, so you can easily go to a song by typing in its page number.

  • To get started, follow the link on the first page to the Table of Contents.  Please read the Terms of Use.  You can also follow links to all the indices.
  • You can navigate to a song either by entering its page number directly (if your viewer permits) or through the indices, by following the hyperlinks to the song’s page.
  • All blue text is hyperlinked.  On a touch screen, you may have to magnify the page to get the hyperlinks to work.
  • Most PDF readers have a feature that shows “bookmarks” for the file and these also take you to the various indices.
  • You may also add your own comments to the files – for example, highlighting titles of songs you like – if you have a PDF reader that allows this.

Purchase an eBook

The Shenandoah Harmony is sold for $12 or the local equivalent in your currency. To purchase via PayPal, click the Add to Cart button below:

If you would prefer to pay for your book via mail, please send a check for $12 made out to the Shenandoah Harmony Publishing Company, to 2336 Salem Church Road Boyce, Virginia 23223. Provide your email address in a note enclosed with the check.